China is Buying Jamaica

That is right people the Chinese are buying Jamaica, in 2013 the Chinese pledge to give Jamaica $1.6 billion grant aid to help them with projects. A course the only real project is China corrupting another country and the takeover of another country by using the pretense of helping to build projects. I have made this video because Jamaicans subscribers of mine had asked for me to look at the situation with China involving Jamaica and how they’re taking over everything.

China knows a country such as Jamaica has had a government for years that is suffering from corruption problems. China knows $1.6 billion will create opportunities to corrupt top Jamaican officials in government. The Chinese will take advantage of this corruption in Jamaica because in the future they will add a base that would be close to the United States and then they will be able to bring submarine with ICBMs that could strike the US. The whole idea of China taken over countries in South America Central America and in the Caribbean’s is to eventually put naval bases and bring in their ICBMs closer to the United States and possibly one day to attack the United States to destroy. Our congressmen and woman in our US have completely falling asleep on this declare war by China on the US. The naïve government of the United States believe that everything with China is kind of okay, but they don’t realize that China has declared all-out war on global freedom and is continuing to corrupt government around the world so they can spread their communist ideology and also to get their military closer to the United States allies and the US homeland. We need to wake up to the fact and we need to take action now and stop the Chinese if not then we would deserve the consequences that we will get from China for being so stupid in not realizing that the Chinese have declare war on the free world, see video for more.

Chinese Communist Blueprint for Takeover Countries



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