Did China intentionally crash bitcoin? Butcoin has been crashing and falling all this week, but there may be possibly a Chinese connection becuase China has about 50% of the crypto markets. Just before Bitcoin crash this week one of the top fonder of a cryptocurrency company sold all his investment in his cryptocurrency company. His brother and family in China own the biggest companies of cryptocurrency. The would seem to forgets that all major companies in China are owned by the Communist Party or the People’s liberated Army. And it makes it extremely easy for companies and China to manipulate stock markets, currency markets, and now crypto markets. This crash of this crypto currency could have a lot to do with the Chinese Communist Party whom people around the world have trusted their millions of dollars only to find out communist are the number one in lies, in manipulates, and in deceives. See video for more..

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James J. Tsidkenu


  • Sixth Seal News Talk 3 weeks ago

    Wow, I see a lot of Chinese PLA and CCP communist, don’t like me telling the truth all them thumbs down. This only happens on my Chinese posts, but this is a big one for you guys in China you thought you where going to get away with it without anyone noticing you guys manipulation. Its your own stupidity they gave it away, this is why you guys want to censor all social media because you don’t want people knowing the truth of what China is doing around the world. So you may give me thumbs down, but everybody’s going to give you guys thumbs up your rear end.

    Have fun China …..

  • Tim Michaels 3 weeks ago

    Greed is the only thing driving Bitcoin.

  • Rick van Rath 3 weeks ago

    14K bottem, No worries, Nice correction!

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