CBN NewsWatch: October 11, 2017

On CBN Newswatch Oct. 11th: The raging, California fires have now killed at least 17 people that number is expected to climb; two hurricanes left Puerto Rico in the dark weeks ago,for many the lights still aren’t back on; the feud between …




  • ANNA LUCAS 4 months ago

    We need to take care of Calif. new bill that Brown passed last Friday. Tainted blood again!

  • ANNA LUCAS 4 months ago

    This person says this drug is safe. Well it is not. I know this first hand. Big drug companies = $

  • Tin Covered Wagon 4 months ago

    pharmakia is the fastest way to death much like chemotherapy CHANGE YOUR DIET and exercise, juice lots of organic greens use olive oil etc. and for pain CANNABISHEMP, if you eat manufactured, fake and processed foods YOU become manufactured, fake and processed.

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