CBN NewsWatch: January 23, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, Jan.23rd: Vice President Mike Pence says will move its embassy to Jerusalem by the end of 2019; an 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit off the Alaska coast Tuesday morning; a group of Atheists is suing the department of housing and …


  • EpicBuds 4 weeks ago

    I don’t believe in organized religion because I see the hypocrisy i.e. the pagan rituals of adorning trees with silver and gold, the feasting of unclean food like ham on the pagan fertility day of easter or not observing the Sabbath FOREVER as the commandments demand. I am often told by “Christians” that Jesus died for our sins so those things don’t matter anymore! HYPOCRISY look up MAN in Genesis 1:26 From H119; ruddy, that is, a human being (an individual or the species, mankind, etc.): – X another, + hypocrite, + common sort, X low, man (mean, of low degree), person.
    Total KJV occurrences: 541 ***** hypocrite, + common sort, X low, man (mean, of low degree), person********* people are starving for TRUTH and examples of living truth.

  • Carol Maule 4 weeks ago

    Amen ! When we think we called God. He was calling us the whole time ! Blessed day to all! Prayers to the earthquake folks and suffering folks everywhere!

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