CBN NewsWatch: February 8, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, Feb 8th: Senate leaders have likely reached a long-term spending deal Kim Jong-Un’s sister will attend the the South Korean Winter Olympics; Guatemala’s president Jimmy Morales was honored for his historic decision to move … …


  • Lillian Lin 1 week ago

    It’s not my problem if you don’t have faith in prayer. Anti facebook does not mean antismetic. I love Israel and bless Israel but I don’t believe all jews will be saved, maybe all Israelists. for ex. George Soro…..Unless they repent and believe in Jesus. I put Jesus and my children and grandchildren first and don’t like anybody to hurt them!

  • Lillian Lin 1 week ago

    Wake up christians and pray!

  • Lillian Lin 1 week ago

    Don’t just talk about it ,the facebook new plan to hurt our kids. Mobilize parents, grand parents to pray for our next generation before the damage done

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