BREAKING “World War 3” Hawaii Prepares For Nuclear Attack” The University Of Hawaii sent out emails to all students how to prepare for Nuclear Attack also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Zombie Apocalypse II” @ Link:


  • GIL KRAUZE 4 months ago


  • Marie Rob 4 months ago

    **Keep in mind people that the mainstream media never gives the public plenty of advance notice. So I can appreciate channels like this one!***

  • studiobassment 4 months ago

    hid under ur desk .lol like thats going to do anything. f-king dum

  • Rene Thundress 4 months ago

    Hearing rumbling sounds in the sky right now in Nigeria. I went out to look up and found the soles of my feet lifting up from the ground. Ofcourse the pull will be from above when the time comes but I’m waiting eagerly.
    Whatever happens, we pray that God will take his church out before he let’s then nuke each other. Even so, may his mercy prevail on them that remain.

  • Sword Of Gideon 7 4 months ago

    This is probably the most crazy statement I’ve ever made but I believe that we are overdue for another 9/11 event I just pray I’m wrong

  • Paul Newman 4 months ago

    Check out Galen Winsor o Radiation They won’t talk about it here. Radiation is not what you think. But won’t hear it here

  • Mark Bomar 4 months ago

    fear munger Pual Begley

  • BibleOrTraditions 4 months ago

    How come a war with NK gets the enraging title of WW3? It wasn’t WW3 with the Islamic states. Even if a nuke or two goes off, that is not the requirements for a WW title. Tone it back.

  • MemoryDecipheR 4 months ago

    Nothing will happen.

  • N D Lords Hands 4 months ago

    Could I suggest that there may be a plan to make the first poc (President of color) look like the greatest president and than make the next white president look like the worst president so it looks like the white man is incapable of running the country. Put in any poc (most likely muslim) and let him/ her ruin this country from the inside as maybe start a race war but make it look like the right thing to do.

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