BREAKING “Winter Storm Hunter” Ice, Snow, Blizzard, Tennessee To New England”

Winter Storm Hunter will hit Arkansas, Tenn, KY, Indiana, Ohio, PA, NY and all of New England (Ice, Snow, Blizzard


  • Rapture Time Awareness 6 days ago

    Yeah I’m serious! Jesus Christ is coming quickly

  • Heath Marcum 6 days ago

    here in East, Tennessee its 60 degrees this morning, just a few days ago it was almost down to ZERO!!!

  • Sharon C 6 days ago

    I’M in Alabama and it’s 56 degrees and Windy ..It will get Cold again

  • Terri Wilkins 6 days ago

    Pastor Paul The way I been treated with cyber attacks and try to share what Elohim shows me and talk about it and it Come to pass . I’m getting at the point where I don’t care. it’s sad to say but no one knows what i go thru but God

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