BREAKING “Turkey Erdogan Calls Islamic Summit On Jerusalem” Grave Mistake

Turkish President Erdogan Calls Trump declaring Jerusalem Israel Capital a “Grave Mistake”


  • Saved by Grace through Faith 1 week ago

    God Bless Israel!! and God Bless Trump!!

  • Chris Henson 1 week ago

    Trumps gods chosen for his will.

  • Jewel W 1 week ago

    On the 13th ? Now, isn’t that interesting? The number of rebellion. If God be for us who can be against us? Jerusalem belongs to the Lord. It is the city of HaGadol Melek Yeshua ! Glory to God!

  • Bret Bradley 1 week ago

    If not now when Satan is on the move God knows when the time is right

  • Janet O'Hara 1 week ago

    Every President before said the embassy should be in Jerusalem but, there was a back door to wiggle out of it. President Trump is following through with it where others didn’t. Even Chucky Schumer was backing Ted Cruz in moving embassy to Jerusalem. Now, they are all screaming when it’s actually going to happen.

  • weldon cheek 1 week ago

    Theres nothing anti semetic about it fuctard,its about aggression and provocation and nothing less and its going to cause death and destruction as per usual ,this is obvious so why would anyone even suggest such a thing? Whats anti semetic about it?

  • Elise Houck 1 week ago


  • William Moore 1 week ago

    GREAT !!! GO TRUMP !!!

  • miss kj 777 1 week ago

    Erdogan, a prime candidate for antichrist.

  • xS1L3NTx 1 week ago

    Jews SHOULD be hated do you people not know the word “GOYIM”? We are cattle to the “Jews” but you people just dont want to see that….SMH

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