BREAKING “Soros Attempts To Try And Stop Brexit In Britain” George Soros donation of 400,000 pounds to try and stop the Brexit in the United Kingdom also also


  • Donald Goforth 1 week ago

    He is doing Lucifers work on earth so the Jesus can come again

  • Nemesis Now 1 week ago

    Paul, are you a freemason ?

  • Stu B 1 week ago

    Paul, what is wrong with staying in the EU? It is clear we as a country will be worse off outside the EU. I voted to stay in the EU and we only just lost the vote. I would like a soft Brexit so we can continue to trade tariff free with the eurozone. What is the biblical point of view you hold on the EU? Every blessing, looking forward to your comments.

  • Duane Kent 1 week ago


  • Holly 1 week ago

    Looking forward to this revival!

  • JD Blatz 1 week ago

    Soro’s just speeding up the NWO! The beast is really starting to rise!

  • L Esty 1 week ago

    This man is wanted in ten countries and I don’t know why he hasn’t been picked up. He tried buying Ireland but didn’t happen.

  • Jamie Wilson 1 week ago

    You are literally retarded. You must have a IQ under 70. You and all your low IQ followers that believe in gibberish childish fairy tales like a retarded 5 year old. Read a book moron.

  • Patricia Randall 1 week ago

    Why hasn’t this… Soros been locked up yet?

    I’m sure that he can be found guilty of quite a few crimes here in the US… We can only pray that his name is one in the 30k sealed indictments.

  • Lydia Harvey 1 week ago

    Soros thinks he can rule the world. He is a evil man. To destroy peoples freedoms and they rule. God be with us

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