Breaking “Russia To Test New Satan II Missile” North Korea Steals USA War Plans” as Steven Ben DeNoon will join Pastor Paul Begley to discuss North Korea War also also Help Us Spread the Word also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Rapture Ready” @ Link:


  • Sherry 1 4 months ago

    So Trump leading us into nuclear war is a good thing? What?

  • Janie Barr 4 months ago

    HOW OLD IS KISSENGER???i thought he was old 45 years ago.

  • Not sure what the big deal is.. we test all the time.. And .. year ago it was Satan 2… gee I wonder if the NAME was used just to get SOME people going.. scared. Look.. it works. Get over it.. there is only ONE name that is above all and that matters.. YESHUA/JESUS… why give ANY kind of glory to Satan.. you did.. they Russia have tested ALL kinds of different missiles. You didnt make a video for those. It was the NAME

  • Martin Hunt 4 months ago

    DMT smoke it now that WILL save you 1000x and some the spiritual leader

  • Sonny Stevens 4 months ago

    Hi there pastor Paul Begely God bless you abundantly and thank you for praying for us all and thank you for sounding the alarm because people need to repent and get saved by Jesus before it’s too late 😇🙏👼

  • Bernice Wright 4 months ago

    Taking about the NFL, I see the coaches and head of the football league (MASTER) has the slaves in submission.

  • Thelma Yoon 4 months ago

    God warned America with Eclipse that his judgment will come because He is not pleased with America.

  • Mark Shirley 4 months ago

    I don’t suppose there is any chance Russia is doing stuff because of what the USA and Nato/Europe did to put their puppet into the Ukraine parliament? If the NATO alliance had left well enough alone I can guarantee Russia would have left the Balkan States as they were to act as a buffer between them and Europe’s ambitions for total global-control. I like Putin, it is a shame he has to be drawn down into Israel with his Muslim alliance to have his military fried so that only one sixth survive to flee back to Siberia. Coming real soon, but first my rapture. See you there, or take care. The Bible maths don’t leave many alive by the time this flame-throwing meat-grinder stops turning at the end of the next 7 years starting real soon. t Do the deal sinner t

  • Demarcus Gamble 4 months ago

    I wanna be save Springfield ill demarcus gamble

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