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  • With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable; they are experts in greed

  • Richard Smith 2 months ago

    I love U Paul. This face recognition tech. will be a juggernaut of problems, seeings how there are a lot of people who look alike, which by the way, is a topic of interest that should be studied further, I have my own opinion of this conspiracy. In the right hands this topic of “real I.D.” could come in handy with the N.S.A. in cooperation with the F.A.A., to find potential terrorists, but to do it to our own citizens?, for sure trouble on both sides. god bless to the truth, for it will set us free. be safe, be good, and laugh once in awhile, humor does cure a lot of ailments.

  • michael powell 2 months ago

    MY birthday was this past sept 30th  2017 Drivers licence expired went to renew my licence online , they said I could not renew online , had to come down to dmv /DPS Texas in person , because as of oct 1 , 2017 TEXAS Has to comply with the REAL ID Act , and me too , so you guessed IT . NOW I Travel without one / a Drivers Licence , I Have a God ‘Father  given and  a Constitutional Right to Travel , So that’s what I’m doing from Now on. Amen . ps; Trusting ‘Christ ‘Word Jesus in ALL Things . Amen. again.

  • g woods 2 months ago

    hey i didn’t get to vote on this!!!

  • A watchmen 2 months ago

    Law enforcement have no more rights then we grant them. You are a man of the land and common law not a vessel of the open sea of commerce under UCC contract LAW. Don’t contract with them. DON’T USE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME. That’s not your name… It’s owned by copyright by the governing system they operate.

  • Tommy Wiseman 2 months ago

    Miranda rights? The Miranda admonition is to protect a person from self verbal self-incrimination. If a person is in public, or in a public access location, there is absolutely no expectation of privacy. If we walk to the local CVS, we’ll probably be filmed on a dozen cameras, not counting the 1/2 dozen in the store. Facial recognition is just technology. It’s not the Illuminati or the Beast 666. In the olden days, people thought the Social Security card was the mark of the beast. So silly. Let the Bible speak without putting additional words in its mouth.

  • Mannequinwizard 2 months ago

    We are living in a surveillance state and it is sickening. its getting to the point pretty close they want to know what you are doing every single minute.

  • Patricia Richmond 2 months ago

    Paul i am a felon i am now serving Christ.Facial recognition at a supermarket recognized my face and because i was sitting next to a car load of kids that were shopplifters i was arrested taken to jail and car impounded.The police stole all of myhouse keys car keys keys to everything including my was days before i even take my meds or get yo my doctors appointments.Im disabled and on a fixed income.none of the costs were repaid even though i was eventually found innocent.Going thru life as a felon is like going thru life with a big F on my forehead

  • Mannequinwizard 2 months ago

    Beast technology 666 its everywhere O_o its in the bar codes at the stores its in the codes when you download movies literally it will say either 333 or 666 most often, its off the charts what they are doing. tracking devices you name it they have gone overboard with it all, they have crossed the line and they keep on going.

  • Scorpio Òne 2 months ago

    what about twins what if 1 twin commit a crime and the other doesn’t do they arrest the wrong person

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