Breaking: “Putin Urges Netanyahu To Not Escalate War With Iran” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to Russian President Putin as Israel Strikes 12 Iranian locations also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also


  • Dan Haddox 1 week ago

    Dude you really she get state side ASAP

  • Candy Short 1 week ago

    I think we’re on the brink of Psalms 83, not Ezekiel 38.

  • Jessica Harlan 1 week ago

    War is coming

  • KirkJ Gries 1 week ago

    PM Netanyahu has done so much for Israel… Israel needs him so much right now… He may not be perfect, but he is a good man…

  • lookingup 5346 1 week ago

    Netanyahu is rumored to resign Monday…Head Up!

  • williamwallace1307 1 week ago

    How many times has Israel flown over Syrian airspace and done bombings on Syrian government forces? How many times has Israel moved Isis fighters from their territory into Syria to attack Syria? And how many Isis Fighters has Israel treated in field hospitals on Israeli territory? The Israelis are criminals and I’m sick and tired of so-called Christians fall on their knees to worship this satanic country that hates Christ.

  • MrJohnboy1965 1 week ago

    Interpretation (Putin) ” Please dont escalate until i get what i want “

  • Jane Lewis 1 week ago

    Yes, Putin, would he leave it if Ukraine hit Moscow, not likely

  • James Brown Jr 1 week ago

    Putin is right

  • Antonio Gross 1 week ago

    Bible Prophecy is happening at rapid speed. The King of Kings is coming 😊😊

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