Breaking: “President Trump Press Conference”

President Trump says “No War” also Help Us Spread the Word


  • The_Messenger_77 1 week ago

    Its 2 Donald Trumps

  • Cali Girl 1 week ago

    There will be no peace, the bible says what happens next!

  • Tricilla Girl 1 week ago

    We pray so. Kim has been shooting off his rockets for over 5 years now the world was getting ready for war. If Trump has calmed the waters with Gods help and other nations this is good. War isn’t good for nobody.

  • Tricilla Girl 1 week ago

    Thanks, Paul and Heidi with keeping us up to date with the news your the best!

  • steven vollmer 1 week ago

    trump knows what is happening give me a break he is the president for him to say he don’t know what a crock of crap were headed for ww3 if anyone cant see that they are foolish

  • Dante Legacy Gaming 1 week ago

    Trump don’t know crap😂 give him some LEGO to play with😂

  • Bob Nist 1 week ago

    Sadly the war will still happen because even as you proclaim Paul, it’s in the Bible.

  • wild flower 1 week ago

    …Thank you.

  • Brad Harris 1 week ago

    Trump you wimp

  • MrJohnboy1965 1 week ago

    ” A Long period of peace ” Yer i think the President may be the one to be in when this announcement is made ” Peace and Security “

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