Breaking “Powerful 4.2 Quake Shakes San Diego California” Apocalyptic California as Wildfires burn out of control in LA and quakes shake San Diego also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also


  • Ed VINCAK Jr. 2 months ago

    4.2,aww man,we’re falling apart now dude,loooook out😁!!!!!

  • Maranatha Today 2 months ago

    Maybe you should advise your son not to go back….

  • Darkman Walker 2 months ago

    Pastor, I wouldn’t say that ALL of America is with Israel. I am, but I have read many comments from people who are “following the crowd” and seem to support the other side. I suppose the important thing is that President Trump is doing the right thing by publicly proclaiming Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. We need to keep supporting Trump with prayer AND by contacting our elected representatives in Congress. They need to know we support Trump too, so they might be less likely to vote against the majority of their constituents. The silent majority needs to stop being the SILENT majority. I have been guilty of this too, but have recently decided to start speaking up. We ALL need to become the squeaky wheel and we need to squeak loud enough to help President Trump turn this nation around.

  • Laurie Hurula 2 months ago

    No folks 4.0 by itself isn’t but ..quakes are increasing you have a few 4.0 then you progress to 5. Up and up until a large one! Not something to take for granted!

  • Chad G 2 months ago

    God Bless Pastor!

  • donna gilligan 2 months ago

    Praying for Ca..Many good people are there. Have a bad feeling this was set on purpose!!

  • Positive Music to Encourage YOU!! 2 months ago

    🤔 We live in North San Diego County, and the earthquake today was very light. God bless you!!

  • Patrick Slevin 2 months ago

    If it’s terrorists they sure did a good job!! Wow! I’ve never seen fires like that. Good! I’m glad the Islamists are ticked off. What I can’t figure out is why the Pope is upset about it…they’ve threatened his life (terrorists) over Christmas, he ought to be for Trump. This law was passed 25 some years ago and every President since then has kicked the can down the road but not Trump….he’s the only politician I’ve seen yet that’s a man for action!!!!

  • Fjcruiser 2 months ago

    I Felt that earthquake in La Jolla as I was sitting on my couch it started shaking for about 4 seconds

  • steven vollmer 2 months ago

    man the persecution is so strong with the hater may GOD forgive you all

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