BREAKING “Oprah Winfrey Home In Mudslide 17 Dead 17 Missing” Montecito California Under The “Mud” As 17 Dead Dozens Missing and even Oprah Winfrey home is damaged also Help Us Spread the Word also also also Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here-
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  • ConleyStudios 1 week ago

    The left claimed that the Hurricane in Texas and Florida happened because they voted for Trump. Can we say the Mudslides happened;because California voted for Hilary? No….that would be wrong.

  • J BOLD 1 week ago

    May The Lord tear down all the queers houses…

  • Zenobio Oibonez 1 week ago

    We must have a solid foundation built Upon a rock rather than sand as those things are temporary but a life built on firm ground can last forever.

  • Waiting4 Jesus Christ 1 week ago


  • ThisIsRunningonEmptyGaTReview 1 week ago

    That’s what happens when you claim there’s many ways to heaven.

  • LadyTess 1 week ago

    I do not care what political party you belong to death to people in any situation pains my heart.
    My prayers will include all of you who are affected by this. May you find comfort in Jesus and His promise of life again for your loved ones.

  • Kelli Green 1 week ago

    I noticed more and more people saying “our prayers to those…” or “saying prayers to the people…” With all due respect, Pastor, I’m surprised to hear you say something similar. I know you pray to God; I’m just hoping everyone is more careful with their words–especially those who are praying “for” people “to God Most High”, not “to people” in Jesus’ matchless and mighty name.

  • Stacey Story 1 week ago

    Very sad pray for America God bless our nation.

  • WILDflower 1 week ago

    Oprah , Hollywood and CALIF need to find GOD.

  • Hendrik Britz 1 week ago

    Hi Paul, please do a video on the killing of white farmers in South Africa

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