BREAKING: “North Korea Hacked USA & South Korea War Plans” Top Secrets Revealed North Korea has hacked and stolen USA and South Korean War Plans also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also


  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    Pastor Paul I will email you latter . I am without help at this time or David could email you to what we experiemced all of us you should here this. we wish to see what you say aout this.

  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    We might have heard a future evet from you & Lisa Have. Sorry Computor attacked from evil to stop us. 2 keys.

  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    We looked for repet of what we heard & it was ot o your sight or anywhere. Also what we heard from Lisa Have was o where to e foud .Did we have a visio . Or a glimps to the future ? Heard from husbad & so & me.We wat to kow if this is a visio of future from the Lord ? If so war is soo & Lisa shows us where with map.

  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    We will email you latter with this latter . wish for you to here for this time so God will receive the glory for this , Jesus ame, Please church pray for all of us .

  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    May God bless us ib Jesus ame . Ame

  • David & Debra Ellis 2 months ago

    We are saved Jesus ame. what? Is goig o ?

  • Mauro Gonçalves 2 months ago

    I know God exists, but I have decided to change the life of a righteous man in the life of a sinner. I do good works of charity, I am a good person for others, but I have something in my life that will harm me in my salvation. I continue to sin day after day, I have the worst vices (drink and casino), and from the dream I had today, I am determined to change and surrender to Jesus forever. I dreamed that I had gone to space. It was me and another friend. Arriving there on a dark planet,, we saw a meteorite walking slowly. We could practically run alongside this meteorite, down to a little where we could touch it. At that moment I say to the person who was with me: “Maybe this thing is going to Earth, we’ll let us try to stop it.” And it was when we tried with our hands to divert the meteorite and we managed to push it to a cave in this planet. We entered this cave and found this meteorite forming in a stone man form. After this man of stone, also comes a woman of stone. Then they walk hand in hand towards the exit of the cave. Then came a voice from nothing, where it says, “Search our children on earth and let there be pity on those who remain there, these two are here, let them stay here.” I soon realized that I was standing next to a divine presence and asked, “But the Father, I am a great sinner, I have no right to stay here.” But neither the voice of the bottom nor the woman and the man of stone who were going to the earth, answered me. It was as if they could not hear me. Then I woke up. I came straight to Youtube to search about dreams and the end of the day and I saw a video where I was encouraged to give myself to Jesus. In this video of Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, he advised me to read Psalm 27 and that was where everything made more sense. It may not be anything, but only I know what I felt when I woke up. After seeing the video of this pastor, I followed his advice and read Psalm 27 full. In Psalm 27: 9 it says: 9 “Do not hide your face from me, do not reject your servant in anger, you have been my help, do not leave me or forsake me, O God of my salvation.” after reading this I understood the contempt that God was giving me in this dream when he did not answer me. It was a sign that he was not totally saved. But when He said “these two are already with us let them stay here,” I felt a great love that gives me hope to go out to a great change in my life. I will try to give myself to Jesus because. I know it will be difficult, but it’s what I want now. Pray for me, brother.

  • clear speaker 2 months ago

    Brother Paul we r very serious in india

  • Joe Dirt 2 months ago

    Is this coming from the same people that claimed Russia hacked the election and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? If it did just let it go in one ear and come out the other.

  • Peyote Pete 2 months ago

    So a country that has 1 computer with the power of a Timex Sinclair has hackers? Really?

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