Breaking News: “Russian Marines On The North Korean Border” Snipers)

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  • cliff decillo 1 week ago

    America don’t want ms13 or 18 street gangs in America no more! Bye bye illegal immigrants! Come here legally or don’t come at all!

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  • Woods NewsWatch 1 week ago

    Pray for Trump he is in danger over there.

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  • Patrick Ong 1 week ago

    Gods word are Buddhas word as well. There is no argument about prayer and what it does, when understood.

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  • haruvisa123 1 week ago

    Im expecting the ring of fire to start blazing in the near future.

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  • EVANTHIA GRIVAS Karavakis 1 week ago

    Pastor, you are spot on! I pray for us all bc if they do or attempt to do to Trump what they did to JFK, the world is doomed. keep up the good work!

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  • The Messiah Is Jesus Yeshua 1 week ago

    Praise God! This is my Blessed Church…even though i live in the U.K Thank You Jesus!
    Thank You Lord for Blessing Our Pastor and all whom you draw to these broadcasts, everyday!
    Thank You King Of The Universe
    Glory to God!

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  • esther19741974 1 week ago

    Dumb Dumb and Dumb
    Russia borders North Korea on the “Northern Border” that’s their homeland!!!
    Thats like saying Mexico has a Military south of the American Border, so stupid, brain dead!!

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  • Roxy Love 1 week ago

    Catching this after broadcast.

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  • Troy Gauthier 71 1 week ago

    Something is happening world wide.with quakes and WW3 possible approaching!

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  • Mark Dexter 1 week ago


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