BREAKING NEWS- Russia China Preparing War with Each Other

News has come out today that reports Russian and China are building up troops and equipment along the northern border with each other. Also the China has deployed ICBM missiles close to the Russian border and experts are saying that there could be up possibility of an engagement between Russia and China. Some months ago activity was reported that China was moving missiles and equipment close to the Russian border, but the Chinese downplayed their activity and nothing more was said. But this year both have continue with their buildup along the border, and see video for more..

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  • Dieter Honchied 6 months ago

    Not surprise since both Russia and China claim Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc as their own! Also Russia is helping to arm Vietnam and India who are dead set against China!

  • FUCKYOUCHINKS 6 months ago


  • Tony Dinh 6 months ago

    Vietnam hates them even more!

  • scott william 6 months ago

    don’t worry China, you will always have your dear leader Kim un to talk too…

  • Biplab Ganguly 6 months ago

    Chinese xumunist party is now Hitler and will face the similar fate

  • Biplab Ganguly 6 months ago

    Sixth Seal: Exactly that is going to happen and China will became exactly what it means, Middle Kingdom a small place in the middle of current China. Tibet (including Aamodo and Sichuan, East Turkeystan, Inner Mongolia and Machuria will be freed by India, Russian with the help of US. Modi, Putin and Trump is the trident, MPT

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