Breaking News North Korea Has Tested H-Bomb

Reported today from Japan and South Korea, the North Korea is claiming to have tested an H-bomb on Sunday afternoon approximately 12:29 pm. It is possibly the largest nuclear weapon tested by North Korea. The device trigger off a 5.7 earthquake, but US is actually claiming that the earthquake was 6.3. The last bomb North Korean nuclear tested was believed to be between 10 to 30 kilotons and this bomb trigger a 5.3 earthquakes. This one on the other hand, because of the large earthquake experts believe it is a 70 kilotons explosion. This was another underground tests and it is now the sixth underground tests conducted by North Korea in their history. This raises the level of concern to the most high is in history, this bomb is an H-bomb, a hydrogen bomb, a more destructive bomb. Photos of North Korean Kim Young Un next to what they claims to be nuclear warhead that will be mounted on ICBMs were taken several days ago, see video for more.


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