Breaking: “Mattis Says Israel Has Right To Defend Themselves” War in the Middle East also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also


  • Blazing light 6 days ago

    Of course they do just as the USA does.

  • williamwallace1307 6 days ago

    Well, you know what? Syria has a right to defend itself too. So does Iran and Russia and everyone else that wants to escape the New World Order. Israel has been attacking Syria for years and years and has acted as the air support for Isis and not one time has Syria retaliated until the other day and now Israel pulls out the victim card and says, ” poor me I’m a victim I got the right to defend myself.” This is getting really old and a lot of people are catching on to this.

  • Candy Short 6 days ago

    With God being on Israel’s side, Iran and Syria r most definitely playing with fire! They r about to get burnt! I agree, pastor: people need to educate themselves about what’s really going on around Israel, instead of just spouting anti-semitic nonsense.

  • Sally Idol 6 days ago

    Pray for Israel

  • Scorpio Òne 6 days ago

    my heart goes out to the Syrians who have been court up in this I have gotten to know a few here and I can tell you they are the most nicest people you could meet, I wish the world would leave Syria alone

  • Pappie Charboneau 6 days ago

    Go get them Israel.

  • Jay William 6 days ago

    Paul, the Iranian drone that Israel shot down was an exact copy of a US drone.
    Anyone remember when Iran captured a US drone a couple of years ago?

  • theswagler 6 days ago

    lol. Israeli Government is drooling to get it on with Iran and level Syria. One drone flying over Israeli border justifies six bombing raids on Iranian bases in Syria? How many times has Israel missiled and bombed Syrian Government because rebels throw firecrackers across the border or fabricated chemical weapons threat? Official Syria Government has never sent missiles or bombing raids into Israel. Mattis is the epitome of psychopath neocons, I wouldn’t condone anything on that asshole’s opinion.

  • mattmann111 6 days ago

    What Orthodox Jews think about Netanyahu and zionism…and they are correct!

  • latrail Roger 6 days ago

    Thoes in ISRAEL are trying to
    Put the real jews out I just
    Hope the real jews get out
    Because TMH GOD IS GOING

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