Breaking “Feast Of Tabernacles Blessings Coming To Pass” The Feast of Tabernacles Blessings are coming to pass also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also Get Your Copy Of “Lightning Strikes The Bayou” @ as this 8 DVD Set of L.A. Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, Jessie Waltman (BPEarthWatch) and Pastor Paul Begley is filled with a powerful info on Nephilims, Demons, Hurricanes, and Apocalyptic Signs of the Last Days.


  • Jacob Lou 4 months ago

    I wish I could bring and give an offering to you to help with your ministry,. I’ve struggled (and still somewhat do) with trusting people, but, the Lord has brought to my mind to trust you, even if I can’t help you out financially, I pray for you and your family, by your ministry, that the Lord in Heaven bless you more and more everyday passing by us. I’ve struggled with OCD intrusiveness, and I know there are people who know how horrible it can be, but God brings people like you into our lives to help us through these rough patches. I’m sorry for anything that is said and comes across as doubtful of you, or demeaning… I also have this compulsive feeling to speak what’s on my mind,. But enough of that,. I believe everyone who see this (and doesn’t) will be blessed beyond belief, because we have the Lord Yeshua and His presence, His Spirit, to help us in any situation. I’m here too if anyone wants to chat, and if anyone isn’t saved… please do it now, we want you to be with God too, He loves you beyond comprehension and wants to cleans you from all sin, repent and ask for forgiveness, and ask for help on His teachings… He will do it. I love you guys no matter what, and really happy to see people being blessed everyday by the Lord, praised be His name. Take care guys, and pray that Yeshua watches over every one of you and is forever with you too. Bless you in His name, Amen <3

  • San Jose 4 months ago

    OH THAT MEN WOULD PRAISE THE LORD Yehovah for his GOODNESS and his wonderful works to the children of men.. PRAISE the NAME of the LORD

  • San Jose 4 months ago

    FATHER Adonai BLESS your children more and more and FOREVER

  • Firechild 4 months ago

    I’m renewed! The blessings are coming my hearts renewing!

  • gtbarnes11 4 months ago

    Paul please say something about the Awake the Dawn/Rise up-The Call revival and Jesus movement. That was the most awesome and Spirit filled event possibly of ALL time! Unbelievable! Abortion is about to be a thing of the past forever because of The Call, I would bet my life on it! its OVER! The rapture was possibly postponed because of the coming of this event! The eclipse was the warning and REV12 sign was the sign of the end of abortion! Can a nation be born in a day? Yes, one day without abortion creates a new nation that will rule with a rod of iron. If everyone could see, hear and feel what was displayed at this event, revival would be huge, and there would be a great falling away! Falling away from sin and worldly living! Lets comment on this ATD and The Call event, lets not EVER let it end! People, this was HUGE! What did you take from it? What did you feel? Comment now!

  • Magdalena Trejo-Mathys 4 months ago

    Praying for our House to Sell in Corpus and Jobs for ML and myself. Please add us to your prayers. God bless you!!

  • Hemoria22 4 months ago

    Blessings for everyone. Love you

  • Francisco Chardon 4 months ago

    Amen 🙌

  • beatleme2 4 months ago

    tithe tithe tithe …No more killing a sheep people that is old testament + and even if you do give $ to someone…its not going to Jesus ..he already owns it all- Jesus said give to the poor if u do or = local food banks
    donate to the thrift stores

  • LaDonna Speth 4 months ago

    Thank you and Heidi for the nice card. So thoughtful of you.

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