Breaking : “Elon Musk Launches Zuma Rocket To Stop Planet X” “Elon Musk launches his Rocket Zuma to go and stop Planet X” Help Us Spread the Word also also also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Rapture Ready” @ Link: also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Zombie Apocalypse” @ Link: also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Total Eclipse of the Son” @ Link: also Get Pastor Paul’s Book “Mark of the Beast RFID” @ also also


  • Rose Roses 2 weeks ago

    Watch Salvation.

  • Jay C 2 weeks ago

    Come on guys y’all really can’t believe this

  • Samantha Watchman888 2 weeks ago

    thank-you Pastor Paul for keeping us all informed about Planet x. The temple is an interesting thing, I’ve heard that the temple represents us and the abomination that causes desolation will be set up within those not truly save/redeemed through Jesus Christ. If we seek Jesus, if we seek the Holy Spirit, truth He will reveal it to us. God Bless

  • Wayne Burkett 2 weeks ago

    ELON MUSK has signed several contracts with the US military and defence department, it is appalling that pastor begley would be pushing this planet x niburu narrative when we have already confirmed that this Zuma launch is military in nature and is a satellite with a standard booster. not capable of interplanetary travel. please do some research folks.

  • Darkened Archangel 2 weeks ago

    Nibiru cannot be stopped. It is larger than earth, made of iron mostly, and nothing can get near it without melting since it is so close to the sun and is now super heated. God Himself has shown me what it can do. It will literally melt mountains as it passes. No one can stop what God intends.

  • betty hensley 2 weeks ago

    We love ya Pastor Paul

  • ReaLityBlue 2 weeks ago

    Hahaha so much Hollywood

  • Beverly Ballard 2 weeks ago

    Wow!! Is GOD giving you HIS “LATTER RAIN”, that HE HAS promised, and is giving, HIS TRUE REMNANT, sir? Why are you not telling your followers THOSE THINGS, as your info doesn’t portray what other REMNANTs are receiving! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL, AND YOUR MANY ‘FOLLOWERS’!!

  • Need More compassion As Species 2 weeks ago

    Nsa CIA electronic attack need to put a Faraday cage around the salvation station david

  • Robin Shover 2 weeks ago

    Come Lord Jesus , even so come, Amen

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