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  • Mandy Godschild 2 weeks ago

    Why is it that when i went to Q anonymous it says that im off line o.O anyone else having these issues?????

  • Cyruschadrezzar 2 weeks ago


  • War Monger 2 weeks ago

    ITS 5,Green,The world s gone realy Mad….

  • shirley hill 2 weeks ago

    I heard years ago islam was going to flood America with bed bugs?, I assume that would be rebels.

  • AnKariah Calsonia LaRay 2 weeks ago

    this q person really scared me. i was hanging for this post. thank you

  • Harru Kuehn 2 weeks ago

    I keep hearing that BS about how free America is as opposed to anywhere else, but I say that there times that this government has acted no different than the thugs than ran China during the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Namely the bizarre apprehension of the Boston Marathon Bombers. They put in a martial law over the city of Boston with regular military personnel, and fired two hundred round to get a skinny wound man. There are many more incidents, David Koresh and the fiery death of his followers. There is many more going back to the beginning of the is republic. From the 18th century up until the end of the Civil War this country had slavery as the law of the land. I am so tired of this holier than thou attitude, Home of the Brave and Free. Only we have to work ourselves to death to provide for our family, there is no public option for medical care, kids get saddled with huge student loan debt, there is random violence everyday in America the like of which would make you puke and send you to the psych ward.

  • jules believer 2 weeks ago

    Q has brought patriots in this country together in a very important way. He is working with our President and it’s been proven!

  • Rick Lilly 2 weeks ago

    I love the cheer of this man spirit!

  • R.A. Magi 2 weeks ago

    Humans should be praying for forgiveness as The Holy Bible really teaches that Lord Jesus went more crazy off humans craziness than I got fingers & toes, they wouldn’t stop trying to drive My Lord Crazy so many times, so sure its almost Time, why do you think there is a Revelations, humans crazy & even Lord Jesus teaches nobody gets special treatment if your from Earth & none of you can even get near God without Lord Jesus’s Permission. But go crazy some more & think you know more than Lord Jesus already Teaching. But that is Potus Trump even loving war. Deal with it, you’ve driven Lord Jesus Crazy & even today that’s why there has to be the 2 Witnesses so you don’t do it Again,so whatever & ask for forgiveness & Obey Everything. Lord Jesus really is Amazing & you should feel Very Lucky he’s the opposite of lucifer.

  • David Allen 2 weeks ago

    Bad things are coming to America and soon. God is done messing around. I saw earthquake massive earthquake a disease out break and the power grid down and God’s voice saying it is near.

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