BREAKING “Cataclysmic California Mudslides Kills 13 And 3 Missing” Montecito California hit hard with Apocalyptic Mudslides also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here-
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  • Maniraj Shrestha 2 weeks ago

    praying for Honduras people

  • Duane Kent 2 weeks ago

    Another Democrat ran messed up state

  • ALICE KAGINU 2 weeks ago

    *Wow AMERICA!* 😱 😱😱

    California Wildfires, a Cyclone Bomb & Ice-Age winter-storm and now Flash floods & Mudslides???

    That *JERUSALEM* embassy move. . . .
    Get a hint!

  • Abigayle J. Knightley 2 weeks ago

    yes please pray for us here in California… its bad

  • KirkJ Gries 2 weeks ago

    I expect nothing less to a state that is so corrupt and immoral… God punishes the wicked…

  • No More Nuclear 2 weeks ago

    Try this…. Move you retards. They know the risk. Leave them buried in the ground because California is bankrupt. What great savings!!!

  • Himanshu Jagtap 2 weeks ago

    It always has something to do with numbers…..16 bloodlines of illuminati ….13 humans and 3 extra terrestrial… in every news there are certain numbers they show us…

  • CastrejonHDTV 2 weeks ago

    101 freeway is closed both ways, we can’t get out.

  • unicorns dinosaurs 2 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness! We pray ! Jesus I ask you to take us home 🏡

  • Christina Baker 2 weeks ago

    I live in Southern CA, I was in Los Angeles, the homeless are hiding under bus stops etc. Praying for the whole state. Its one thing after another. Always praying, i wanted to move, but still hear living, witnessing and trying to be a Jesus to those around me, I might be the only glimpse of Jesus they see.

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