Breaking “California Wildfires 10 Dead” 20,000 Evacuated … California Wildfires 10 Dead and 20,000 Evacuated in 17 different fires as hundreds of homes destroyed also also Help Us Spread the Word also Get Pastor Paul’s DVD “Rapture Ready” @ Link:


  • Robert Hyer Sr 4 months ago

    With the hepatitis outbreak any diseases can flourish in California with the state being a sanctuary to illegal immigrants. California created their own problems by not following the immigration policies for our country. There.will.probably be more outbreaks of other diseases.

  • Janelle Petrasek 4 months ago

    @Pastor Paul,”I didnt feel the quake,and live about 45 minutes from alum rock.”

  • Enrique Wong 4 months ago

    Pastor Paul, think we all need to pray over your instruments.
    Devil is playing headgames with the equipment.

  • Janelle Petrasek 4 months ago

    @Pastor Paul Im praying for the victims of the fires.The winds I heard were extremely high.Northern california is beautiful,and “This is such a sad thing happening now.l”God bless California

  • Dznutz1988 4 months ago

    Matthew 24 read this chapter in one of your videos please and can you explain a little bit about this chapter please :-)? Thanks.

  • MegaMach12003 4 months ago

    6.3 quake just hit Chile along with the 13 along the West coast of the USA

  • LaDonna Speth 4 months ago

    Satan keep your hands off these broadcasts in the name of Jesus. We take authority and command that the audio shall be clear and we plead the blood of Jesus over these broadcasts.

  • favoureds11 4 months ago

    Paul I thinks you have to many mics or they are to close to each other its sounds like a back feed in by the one mic out by the other Just guessing

  • stimul8 4 months ago

    I’ll be looking out the window for the incoming nukes.

  • Reconciliation777 4 months ago
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