BREAKING: “Boston Blessing” Tonight 6PM EST Bedford MA


Come on don’t miss tonight’s “Boston Blessing” in Bedford Glen Mass 6PM EST at doubletree hotel also Help Us Spread the Word also NEW CHANNEL


  • Ben Parker 5 months ago


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  • Yooper Family 5 months ago

    Just want everyone to know…Directv has been cutting out Fox news and Fox
    business channels for the past few days. So, today now Fox news was totally
    out this morning. Now all of Directv is out and they say it is nationwide.
    Funny how Fox news channels were first to go. What timing eh? Right before
    the election too. I am hearing rumors that some kind of AT&T emails are
    supposed to be released or something via Wikileaks. Dunno if that is

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  • Jkandjk LGK2015 5 months ago

    God Bless All

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  • Jkandjk LGK2015 5 months ago

    Got My Coffee Now

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  • Ygrymyr 5 months ago

    BREAKING NEWS! Look at Twitter #SpiritCooking! Hillary Clinton and John
    Podesta are satan worshipers! Wikileaks just revealed them!

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  • Cheri Healy 5 months ago

    See you later so excited

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  • DaStickupKids 5 months ago

    Wow..what odds I’m covering a shift at work for a friend that asked over
    2weeks ago…I would be there Paul….I cant make it ..I’m a bit upset..ANY
    other day. except today…oh well
    paul my prayers will be with you all tonight
    …GBU & Everyone

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