Best Jesus Miracle Vision


My nephew passed away in June 2007. A couple months later I was putting together a book for his mother comprised of photos she took with him approximately a year before his death.

In one particular photo, taken from quite a distance, I decided to use the zoom feature on my computer to get a closer look at his face. The image I discovered next to him was simply astonishing.

Subsequently, I showed numerous people the image without revealing any background information, circumstances of death etc…I simply asked: “Tell me what you see?”

The answers have been nearly unanimous, with people describing “the face, or something resembling the face we know as Jesus.”

This phenomenon has touched and changed the lives of many people for the better.

After seeing this photo many I’ve encountered have been inspired to return to their faith, or are committing themselves for the first time. Even those who are not believers, but sincerely objective, are at minimum amazed at the anomaly.

These pictures have not been modified in any way, only the zoom feature was used for close up representation.

Also note, the picture was taken with natural light only. You’ll notice no natural shadows, which can often cause visual distortions and unnatural imagery.


Jesus Dreams

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