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Best Animation Story on the Birth of The jesus christ.

This collection of Bible stories highlights the simple yet intense truths found in the ancient and everlasting stories of the Bible. Each story is animated in a simple style to help the children understand better the Bible. These inspiring stories are narrated in a beautiful and excellent manner which will provide the lessons to be learned from the story to the listeners.

One day about 2,000 years ago, an angel named Gabriel appeared to a young Jewish woman named Mary.
Mary: I am confused and worried about this sudden news. Which is be done according to you. I am still a virgin, but I have faith in God and “I am the Lord’s servant; The hand made up let it be as you say.”
Mary and her husband-to-be, Joseph, lived in a town called Nazareth. They travelled to the city of Bethlehem to register for a census, ordered by the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus. It was about 65 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and the trip took them several days.
Joseph and Mary reached Bethlehem.
Joseph: Mary, you wait here till I come. Make yourself comfortable. I will find a suitable place for us to stay.
Joseph searched for a place to stay but all the inn was already full.
Mary: Have you found any place?
Joseph: I haven’t found any proper place.
They ended up spending the night in a stable, a place where animals were kept.
Joseph: This is the only place we have to stay tonight. Wait, I will go and bring some fresh hay. Where you can sleep comfortably tonight.
That night, Jesus was born. There was no crib, so they laid baby Jesus in a manger, a feeding trough for animals. The manger probably had fresh hay in it and made a nice bed for the baby.
That night, some shepherds were in the fields near Bethlehem, keeping watch over their flocks of sheep. An angel appeared to them.
Angel: I have a good news for you that a Savior, who is born.
Shepherd 1: What? a Savior. Can we see him? Tell me where he is?
Angel: You will find him lying in a manger.
Shepherd 1: Let’s go and see our savior.
The shepherds hurried into Bethlehem and found Jesus in the manger, just as the angel had told them.
Mary: May I know who are you?
Shepherd 1: Oh holy mother! We are here to see our saviour!
Mary: How do you know the birth of my son?
Shepherd 1: An angel appeared before us when we were in a field and gave the message of the birth of the lord.
Mary: Yes, I am blessed to be the mother of the Lord.
After they had seen Jesus, they spread the news, and everyone who heard was in wonder.
Some time later, three wise men, from eastern countries saw a star in the sky.
Wise men 1: Hey did you see that? A star, a bright star.
Wise men 2: This seems to be very different. I think it tries to convey some message for all of us.
Wise men 3: See it is moving? Lets follow it.
The three wise men followed the star. They happened to cross a place called Judea. A man named Herod was the king of Judea.
Herod called the wise men to a meeting.
Herod: I came to know the new king is born. I definitely want to see him. When you people return the next time. I would like you to come and tell me where he is… OK?
Wise man 1: As you say my king. We will tell you on our return.
Again the three wise men followed the star. The star now was directly above the stable and disappeared. The three wise men went inside the stable.
Wise men: Here is our new king.
They all bowed to the child. They brought Jesus gifts of gold, expensive perfume and some of the finest things.
That night while everyone was sleeping, the wise men had a dream.
Dream voice: Do not go back to King Herod. Avoid seeing him.
The next day the three wise men took a different route to home.
King Herod lied when he told the wise men he wanted to worship Jesus.
King Herod: That new king, I am afraid of him. He may become the king of Judea. And replace me. I will find him sure and see to his end. He did not understand that Jesus would grow up to be king of God’s spiritual kingdom, not king of Judea. King Herod was waiting for the three.

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