Baba Vanga 2018 Propaganda And Fake Prophecies

Many of Baba Vanga prophecies now days are being used as propaganda or straight out fake prophecies. Just like in World War II when the Nazis use the prophecies of Nostradamus for propaganda. Now they US communist along with other evil sources in the US a putting out videos using the prophecies of this lady as propaganda. They are soft propaganda because a lot of these people make the videos and then towards the end of their videos their start to interject their propaganda against our US elected government. Prophecies have been using the past as an effective tool of propaganda against other countries. So, the old tricks are still present in today’s propaganda. See video for more.

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  • Victor Freeman 2 weeks ago

    A true (profit ) is never self appointed but by the (Lord JESUS CHRIST) Amen amen amen. And is 100 present right .all the time ,the rest are fake/faults profits ,Amen

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