A weird dream about the rapture

This is a weird dream about the rapture. If you have any idea what it means post it in the comment section.Jesus is the way. Read god’s holy word. God bless.


  • daughter of God Most High 5 days ago

    You are doing great in your walk with the Lord. Hes always giving you dreams. He loves you and is proud of you. May God bless you brother ♡

  • Waiting4 Jesus Christ 5 days ago

    That is very interesting 🤔 Thanks for sharing 🙏

  • Brian White 5 days ago

    Hey, your dream is quite interesting I know that we serve a God of order and not confusion, but many times because we only see in part, through a glass darkly our dreams make little sense upon initial response. The countdown would seem to indicate that Christians are expecting the rapture to happen really soon, could be a 2017 reference not sure? When it reached 0 and the rapture did not happen you looked at the TV again and it was hanging, in a place where it should not be. Then you saw the news media guy saying these cereal-eating Christians were expecting the rapture. Its almost akin to drinking the punch, like we are deluded into believing this that we just consume because so many Christians have (eating cereal for breakfast). The world, however, is filled with mockers and scoffers so that is what I believe that news caster represents. We know, however, that although we not necessarily get the day right when the rapture actually occurs that does not imply in the slightest that the rapture will not happen, it just means it will happen on His timetable. I for one still believe its really soon, because they closer we get to the actual day the more gets revealed to us as believers because I do not think that the Lord is going to catch all of us off-guard especially those who diligently seek him. Amos 3:7, “The Lord does nothing except that He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets.” God bless you and your family.

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