A Thief In The Night Series 4OF4 The Prodigal Planet 1983


The Prodigal Planet is a 1983 film by Russell S. Doughten and directed by Donald W. Thompson. It is the fourth in a series of at least five films (one still in production) based on an evangelical interpretation of Bible prophecy and the rise of the Antichrist. Unlike the other films in the series that were filmed in Iowa, this one was filmed in New Mexico.

During the final years of the Antichrist’s reign, a nuclear war has devastated the earth. The Antichrist and his world government find their grip on power slowly slipping away as Christ’s return draws near. One of the lead characters from the previous film, David Michaels (played by William Wellman Jr.), is now part of a growing underground movement of Christian believers trying to stay out of the government’s hands and thus escape execution.


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