A Message From Lord Jesus!!!


I got this message from LUV4MEX from the LORD JESUS!!! Here it is!!!

My people have put off my returning, But My Father which is in Heaven has Not!
They neither listen to My voice or harken to My plea!
I say Come into me, My Sheep hear My voice!
And they turn a deaf ear to Me!
Oh That they may see the Light and return unto Me!
Thus sayeth The Lord!
I Bless their going out and thier coming in!
And, still NO THANKS!
I want them to know That, I Love them
and I Am returning Soon!

From LUV4MEX: Thank U so Much Nick! People its true u Don’t have to listen to Us! But When The LORD speaks! Its TIME to Listen! When The Lord Spoke to me, It was in the middle of the night! I wasn’t able to get peace to go to sleep till He Said what He wanted to say! U see the lives we live is so far from His Word and How He Commands us to live! He Commands us to live Rightous and Holy! Even His Own in which He has Saved has Turned from the Truth! Please People Come Back To The Light!


Jesus Dreams

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