6th February 2018 Rapture vlog: It is finished and the Dow Jones

This is just speculation and analysis, because no man knows the day or the hour!!!
He will come when He comes… I haven’t heard a voice, or seen a vision or had a dream…



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  • Patti Pearlman 1 week ago

    Hi Andy Humble Horse….greetings from Oklahoma to the other side of the world! Anointing, clarity, revelation and Shalom to you…..Transform us, Lord….Only You can melt our hearts like butter…..

  • Glorifying JESUS 1 week ago

    ANDY, JESUS confirmed to me last night while sleeping we are in a SHORT TIME WINDOW of HIS return…..He confirmed the Jubilee to me FOR SURE…..not much longer…..any day now….HUGS up there !! 🙂

  • Lien Rmah 1 week ago

    Pray for you to stop from smoking it’s doesn’t look right when you talk about Jesus but smoking…, it’s not good for your health and not good example …,love you brother in Christ!!

  • Tristan 1 week ago

    I hope you are not feeling unnecessarily guilty or ungenuine simply because of some of the comments you receive here, you do not have to overly measure up to the standards of the crowd, self righteousness is a disease, carry only what you can, everyones voice has value that doesn’t mean it’s worth much, discern intentions more carefully!

  • Christine Smith 1 week ago

    See you soon

  • Vanessa Becker 1 week ago

    Thank you for your continued dedication to serving the body of Christ with encouragement! I love that you are real and honest on your videos and I look forward to them every morning. Thank you Andy!

  • Jason Walker 1 week ago

    Hey check this out, in 1981 a self proclaimed prophet named John W Johnston foretold a series of events that would signal the destruction of the U.S., he said God told him 4 things to watch for. He said the Berlin wall will fall, the USSR would fall and rise back up to power, and when Fidel Castro dies there would be economic collapse…now technically Fidel Castro died just after Trump was elected…BUT…FIDEL CASTROS ONLY SON ALSO NAMED FIDEL CASTRO just died Feb 1st JUST AS THE MARKET SELL OFF BEGAN…he was known as little Fidel… and he said right after the collapse would be nuclear destruction of the U.S.
    There are no coincidences!
    This guy has NAILED all 4 and in order…but everyone thought this prophecy was about Fidel the dad…but it was ABOUT HIS ONLY SON!!!!
    …CHECK into it…his videos are her on YouTube… CHEERS

  • Kim Mosley 1 week ago

    Oh Andy, this really touched my soul when you said the things long pondered were taken care of. So beautiful my brother…really is

  • Vicki Gage 1 week ago

    Andy, earlier today, while napping, I went through the exact experience! It is finished! Yahshua, has purged out these moments of doubts and replaced them under His blood. It was as a flood of memories all pulling us through to Him,throughout our lives. Amen!

  • kingskeeper 1 week ago

    You help me stay strong because of your perseverance!! I’m inclined to agree with you concerning the Bride, Us, being the Firstfruits that will be going up in the Rapture; and the number that John couldn’t number from all nations are those that will unfortunately and sadly go through the Tribulation!! We need to continue to pray for them, because some of those same people are our spouses, children, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, friends, … – you get my point!! I want you to know that you are such an Encouragement to so many, whether they let you know or not!!

  • ST. JOHN THE DIVINE • Topic 1 week ago


  • id cathell 1 week ago

    Amen, my brother!

  • Rosesin Sept 1 week ago


  • Brother Joseph 1 week ago

    Thanks for sharing. Jerusalem …. I think you would be interested in my video today. https://youtu.be/ekFSUK0jSds -God bless!

  • cheryl godden 1 week ago

    Bless you Andy.  Keep sending out videos you are a blessing to the church.

  • Scott Evans 1 week ago

    Lots of love emanating from you, brother. It’s good to see Him in you. Subbed!

  • John Cristos 1 week ago

    Id like to share a prophecy with you all in jesus name.. Which is.. In 2018 around spring and into the summer time.. Suitcase nukes and biological weapons will be set off in american citys by the terrorist group “Isis” with the help of iran, north korea, russia, and china… That will be followed by widespread terrorist attacks.. Then nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom (World war 3) Then there will be earthquakes, famines, and pestilence in many different places (Pandemic plague virus).. Then there will be great tribulation.. )Economic collapse, food shortages, terrorism ect) Many false prophets will arise and rise people to anger and war (Thats the News media) And unless those days were shortened.. No flesh would be saved.. The fallen ones will appear and tell people that they are Jesus.. Or whomever people believe in.. Then after the tribulation of the days the sun will go dark and the moon to blood and jesus will return.. Then the rapture will occur (No pre-trib rapture)

  • Roxanne 1 week ago

    I’m just blown away! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been in deep prayer about all the decisions I’ve made in my life asking for the Lord’s forgiveness. I was crying and sobbing and then I felt a calmness calm over me that it was ok. I then looked to see if you had made a new video and I find this on the same day. Wow! That evening, on the 5th, I had the most beautiful rapture dream. Thank you, my brother Andy.

  • mosesmoses2000 1 week ago

    Jack Van Impe said the elders cast down their crowns because the Rapture happens first and the saints we all rewarded at the Bema seat of Jesus and thats before any of the Seals are Opened.

  • Kevin White 1 week ago

    Great video Brother Andy

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